Chris Ziemba

Pianist, Composer, Educator

Chris Ziemba and Nick Finzer, Live in Memphis
2016, Outside in Music

A new release from trombonist Nick Finzer and I! We've been playing together in a duo setting for years, and so on a recent tour we decided to record a live performance. We included a diverse mixture of originals and standards, all of which lent themselves perfectly to the open-ended, anything-can-happen aesthetic of duo playing.

Chris Ziemba, Manhattan Lullaby
2016, Outside In Music

My debut album. Featuring: Chris Ziemba (piano, compositions/arrangements); Hans Glawischnig (bass); Jimmy Macbride (drums); Michael Thomas (alto saxophone, bass clarinet).

Manhattan Lullaby encompasses the duality of life in the big city. When people envision New York City, usually some combination of the following springs to mind: people, giant buildings, taxis, car horns, people, buses, shouting, pizza restaurants, people, Starbucks, subway platforms, standing in line everywhere, pigeons, people... What I've come to find is that all of this hustle and bustle brings into stark relief the seemingly random pockets of tranquility that can be found when you least expect it. When you find yourself deep in one of the parks and you can't really hear the traffic. When you're walking along a street on the Upper West Side at night and there's no one else around. On the roof of your apartment building. You know you're still in the City, so there's still an intangible energy, but it's a peaceful energy. That's what Manhattan Lullaby is about.

Paul Hofmann and Chris Ziemba, Who Knows?
2015, MHR Records

Check out Paul's site for more information on this project. Featuring Paul Hofmann and Chris Ziemba, piano. Recorded at Soundtrek Studios, Kansas City, MO.

Cowboys & Frenchmen, Rodeo
2015, Outside In Music

Featuring: Owen Broder, Ethan Helm (alto saxophone, compositions/arrangements); Chris Ziemba (piano); Ethan O'Reilly (bass); Matt Honor (drums). Cowboys & Frenchmen present a novel take on the American musical canon by blending traditional American folk and pop music with elements of contemporary R&B and modern jazz. The music exploits surprises at every turn, and presents a musical journey through the lens of five 21st century improvisers. Currently based in New York, NY, Cowboys & Frenchmen is comprised of some of the brightest rising stars on the New York Jazz scene, and can be found touring the world and playing frequently at clubs around New York.

Ted Nash Big Band, Chakra
2013, Plastic Sax Records

Check out Ted's site for information on this project. We debuted this at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola in October 2013 (you can watch one of our sets here). Featuring: Ted Nash (composition, woodwinds) Ben Kono, Charles Pillow, Dan Willis, Anat Cohen, Paul Nedzela (woodwinds); Kenny Rampton, Alphonso Horne, Ron Horton, Tim Hagans (trumpet); Alan Ferber, Mark Patterson, Charley Gordon, Jack Schatz (trombone); Chris Ziemba (piano); Martin Wind (bass); Ulysses Owens (drums). Recorded at Varis Leichtman Studio at Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, NY.

Angela Davis Quartet, Art of the Melody
2013, Nicholas Records

Check here for more information on NYC-based saxophonist Angela Davis! Featuring: Angela Davis (saxophone); Chris Ziemba (piano); Linda Oh (bass); Rajiv Jayaweera (drums). Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Rich Thompson Trio, Generations
2012, Origin Records

Check here for more information on Rochester-based drummer and Eastman School of Music faculty Rich Thompson. Featuring: Rich Thompson (drums); Chris Ziemba (piano); Miles Brown (bass); Doug Stone (saxophone). Recorded at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY.

Aaron Staebell, Bending and Breaking
2011, self-produced

Check here for more information on long-time friend, drummer and composer Aaron Staebell! This album features: Aaron Staebell (compositions, drums); Dave Chisholm (trumpet); Wills McKenna (saxophone); Chris Ziemba (piano, keyboards); Ben Thomas (bass). Recorded at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY.

Tammy Scheffer Sextet, Wake Up, Fall Asleep
2010, Inner Circle Music

Check here for more information on NYC-based vocalist and composer Tammy Scheffer. Featuring: Tammy Scheffer (vocals, composition); Andrew Urbina, Matthew Silberman (saxophones); Chris Ziemba (piano); Brad Barrett (bass); Ronen Itzik (drums). Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

Quintopus, Voyage to Ornoc
2010, Ears & Eyes Records

Featuring: Doug Stone (saxophone); David Hart (trumpet); Mike Frederick (guitar); Chris Ziemba (piano, keyboards); Geoff Saunders (bass); Chris Teal (drums). Recorded at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY.

Trio Slaye, Take the Slaye Train
2010, self-produced

Featuring: Chris Ziemba (piano); Dave Baron (bass); Kevin McDonald (drums). Recorded at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY.