Chris Ziemba

Pianist, Composer, Educator

THANK YOU to all of my backers!

To all of you who made a contribution to the campaign for my new album, Manhattan Lullaby, on Kickstarter or outside...


I know I sent out numerous waves of gratitude immediately following the achievement of my goal, but please know that even now, almost two months after the fact, my sentiments have not diminished! The funds have already largely been put to their intended use, and though there are still many things yet to be done, everything is right on track and your support continues to prove invaluable. I'd like to publicly recognize the individuals for their generosity and belief in my project. The list is in alphabetical order by last name.

Amrom Chodos
Jacqueline Christen
Fred Clasquin
Jean-Gabriel Coignet
Chris & Amy Comeau
Michael Cottone
Olivier Court
Dr. Daniel Deutsch
M. Richard Dudkowski
Greg Duncan
Joel Elliot
Bud Fadale
Joseph & Robin Farago
Nick Farago
Sam Farley
Chuck Finzer
Madeline Forster
Dr. Charles Francemone
Mike Frederick
Ruben & Enya Garcia
Marcia Giambrone

Dina Alexander
Julie Checketts Andris
Chris Bailey
Michelle & Bill Bausbacher
Gail Bauser
David Belasco
Jennifer Bellor
Bob Bennett
Jason Berger
Robert Bickford
Jason Bonanca
Will Braun
Deborah & Bruce Broder
Owen Broder
Laura Brodie
Carol Brown
Kathleen Brown
Greg Bump
Evan Burrus
Sue Buzzard
Jon Carter

Michelle Yale MacDougall
Justis Mackenzie
John Maguda
Lynn Malek
Scott M. Manson
Jennifer Panek Matarese
Derek McManus
David Meder
Bryan Michielsen
Diane Miller
Duane & Ida Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Philip & Susan Moudy
Matthew Nicholls
Jeremy Noller
Joseph Nowak
Tomoko Omura
Rob & Patricia Patterson
Jordan Pettay
Thomas T. Phillips
Ann Pierce

Colin Gordon
Nick Graham
Stu Gralnik
Augie Haas
Miho Hazama
Clarence Hines
Sara Hong
Stephanie Hu
Ben Hughes
Aubrey Johnson
Yuki Katayama
Griffith Kazmierczak
Dean Keller
Aseem Kishore
Sujata & Rajiv Kishore
Beth Anne Kollman
Tom Lange
Jordan Lawson
Jenny Liu
John Lowery
Lisa & David Macbride

Keith Stoeckeler
Debbie Talamo
Joyce & Peter Taub
Chris Teal
Betsy Thomas
Pete Torpey
Megan Bledsoe Ward
Ron Wasserman
Ward Welch
Dan White
Steve Wilson
Edgar Woh
Thomas Wolf
Mark Wolfram
Mike & Jackie Wolfram
Paul & Eileen Yu
Stephanie Yu
Jeanni & Raymond Yu
Glenn Zaleski
Andrew & Janie Ziemba
Lauren Yu Ziemba

Jeannette Pina
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Powers
Bren Price, Sr.
Cris Ramon
Josh D. Reed
Maureen Reilly
Dave Rivello
Stephania Romaniuk
Mike Rowe
Myron Rumsey
Tammy Scheffer
Larry Schwartz
John Senall
Laurie Shaw
Stephen Shewan
Tim Shneier
Nathan Parker Smith
Terry Fonda Smith
Elizabeth Speck
Aaron Staebell
Daniel Stein

Thanks also to my two anonymous backers:
Don from Bangkok, Thailand
Jasper from Smyrna, TN